SUCCESS200 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CORPORATION also known as “SUCCESS200″ (for brevity) is duly registered domestic corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission  with  SEC Registration  No.  CS201509200  issued  May  12, 2015. It has the necessary mandated licenses and permits  as required  by law.

In brief, the company is engage in the marketing and distribution of different value products. It is not engaged in the sale  of securities or any form of investments. In the marketing and distribution of these products the company has adopted a powerful marketing strategy used in the Multi-Level Industry commonly known as a Split Matrix System. This marketing strategy is an innovation in the way a product can be sold and distributed in the market at the same time creating channels for consumers to earn additional income – just by promoting the product. This system has been used in the MLM Industry for more than a decade without any problem whatsoever as far as product distribution and commission payouts are concern. It is a stable and a proven compensation and marketing plan.

In connection with the marketing vis-à-vis compensation plan is concern,  it is primarily  based  on product purchases  or sales from which commissions are determined and distributed to qualified members. It therefore follows that in the event that there will be no sales generated by the member either from promoting or purchasing the products no commissions will be paid. The company does not guarantee income but only the opportunity to earn income.

In promoting the products of the company, members are given the opportunity to create their own strategies to promote the product. These strategies such as team promotion via social networking sites; groupings or creating teams to expedite their sales is recognized by the company, provided that no misrepresentations or false statements regarding the guarantee of income returns upon membership is mentioned. Success200 vigorously maintain that it is NOT AN INVESTMENT COMPANY.  The commissions of our members are purely base on sales productions or purchases of the products of the company. Any member that violates company rules and regulations or commits misrepresentations will be terminated from the membership in the company.

In a short period of time, the company did not expect the exponential growth of its members. In this regard, the company is in debt of gratitude to all the members that believed in our system. In return for the trust and the belief in our company; rest assure that the management will be steadfast in maintaining efficient and competent services not only in providing value products to all its members and consumers but also finding ways to expedite the delivery of all commissions to qualified members.